Activities of the Trust

It was once agin a confluence of great minds and thinkers at SBOA School & Junior College campus, as the curtains went up for the five - day conference on 'Change Leaders' on 30.5.16. One can see a sea of humanity occupying the seat with eager mind and willingear, with a quest to be an instrument for transformation.


A Programme aimed at highlighting the scientific approach towards resurrecting flood ravaged Chennai and make it a model city. The programme was held on 20th and 21st February 2016 at SBOA School & Junior College, Anna Nagar Western Extension, Chennai’16 at 2.p.m at the SBOA School & Junior College premises.


A series of competitions were held in connection to chennai floods by SBIOA EDUCATIONAL TRUST along with NGOs' to create a feeling of responsibility among the youngsters towards restoring our eco system. The meeting was attended by students, teachers of various schools - 19.2.16


A meeting with the residents of Anna Nagar was convened on 16th Jan’16 at 2.p.m at the SBOA School & Junior College premises. The objective of the meeting was to evolve strategies to conserve our environment and our water bodies and also to tackle problems after floods.


Save Chennai Rally was a campaign to restore chennai which was badly affected by the floods. SBIOA Educational Trust in collaboration with 'Poovulagin Nanbargal' organized a rally on Sunday 10th January 2016 at Marina Beach at 7.30am where children took an oath to save Chennai from further disasters.


Three days seminar - Ignite was organized by the Trust on 19th - 21st June'15 to create an awareness to nurture our natural resources, to contribute to a greener environment, to contribute positively to creating a socially, physically, intellectually and culturally rich society for the future generations.